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3 Common Window Treatment Problems and How to Fix Them

Window treatments greatly impact your interior style. By controlling your room's lighting, your window treatments control your room's mood, offering that final look you've worked so hard to achieve.

Broken blinds a quarter-drawn but slanting in a window near North Dartmouth, MA

Now, if only your shutter louvers will line up. And your blinds would stack neatly. And why won't your roller shades stay down?

Window treatments are simple light control solutions in your home—luckily, this means they have simple fixes. Selecting quality window treatments prevents many common window treatment problems, but minor issues can still arise due to age, use, and your home's activities. As a certified Hunter Douglas Gallery®, our experts at Blinds and Designs are intimately knowledgeable about our window treatments. We provide professional blind and shade repairs as part of our window treatment expertise.

Common Window Treatment Problems and How to Fix Them

My Blind/Shade Raises at an Angle

If you have a roller shade or cordless blind, retract first, then pull the short side, then the long side in a smooth, to-and-fro action. Don't yank. It may take a few tries, but be sure only to use short, controlled bursts—otherwise, you risk breaking the blind.

For corded blinds, pull or lower fully to check for knots and kinks. If your blind slats remain stubbornly lopsided, they may need to be restrung.

To avoid cord problems, consider replacing your old window treatments with automated ones. Your motorized blinds, shades, and even drapery and shutters don't need cords that can tangle and fray, offering only smooth, easy automation.

My Shutter Louvers Won't Stay Positioned

Louvers can loosen over time—wood is particularly notorious for expanding and contracting with weather changes. Renew the tension of your shutter frame by gently tightening the screws holding the louvers in place.

Quality craftsmanship can significantly decrease your chances of faulty louvers. Hunter Douglas shutters are crafted using the Truemill® dovetail construction. This method of joining louvers to the shutter frame preserves your shutters' integrity without using cheap and unsightly glue.

Furthermore, the QuickAlign™ feature on Hunter Douglas shutters easily and consistently aligns your louvers into preset positions.

My Roller Shade Telescopes

Telescoping shades are a leveling problem. Fabric gathers more to one side as your shade is rolled up. Keep your shades even with a bit of masking or painter's tape. Fully lower your shade, then place the tape on the roller on the side opposite to the telescoping fabric. Layer your tape until your shade rolls evenly.

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